Elisabeth Tester

From facts to stories.

Bringing economic information to life is my core competence. Turning facts into stories. Stories which an investor or client will value. Facts do not have to be boring or complex. Facts are always fascinating and deserve to be presented in an exciting way.



I lectured quantitative methods and regulation/compliance in preparation courses for the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and Financial Risk Managers (FRM) exams. As an instructor for macroeconomics, risk management and mathematics of finance for Credit Suisse, UBS and Zürcher Kantonalbank, my interest in banking was formed.

Economics is my foundation.



As a performance analyst I started at UBS Wealth Management & Business Banking in the Investment Solutions department. As an investment writer I was responsible for the internal and external communication regarding the performance and strategy of the banks investment products.

Banking was my profession.



As an editor for the markets team of Switzerland’s leading financial newspaper «Finanz und Wirtschaft», my writing style was polished and fine-tuned. As head of the markets team I learned to answer the questions: «What is really important? Which is the best story?» As China correspondent for «Finanz und Wirtschaft» based in Shanghai, I gained insight into a new and incredibly interesting world.

Writing is my passion.


All together results in From facts to stories.


For the sake of completeness....

1983 Qualification for university entrance at Swiss Alpine Secondary School (SAMD) in Davos
1984 – 1989 Studies and Masters degree in Econometrics and Economics, University of Zurich
1986 First study trip to China
1987 – 1989 Assistant to Prof. Bruno S. Frey at the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics at the University of Zurich
1990 – 2004 Elisabeth Tester Consulting and Econometrics
2002 FRM Exam (Global Association of Risk Professionals), London
2004 – 2008 Director, UBS AG, investment writer
2009 – 2014 «Finanz und Wirtschaft», head of the markets team, China correspondent based in Shanghai
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